Since Nicaragua’s socio-economic crisis began over 100 days ago, there have been numerous ways local residents have joined together to survive this difficult time. Regardless of geography and circumstances, the character of community has shined through.
One such example is from a familiar face to many Comunidad Connect volunteers: Juan Agustín Alaniz García, or affectionately known as “Don Tingo”. He works with Yarisleidy and our volunteers as a mason, overseeing construction of stoves and ovens.

Don Tingo lives in Los Robes with his wife, Marlene Castro, three daughters: Ángela, Gema and Francis, and four grandchildren. Some of you might remember their corner home across the street from the health clinic and Francis, who is a teacher at a local elementary school.
Since April, every day had been a challenge due to the increasingly restricted circulation of goods and services in Los Robles. Earlier in the year, Don Tingo planted a hectare of cabbage with his friend. However, by the time of the harvest, the roadblocks of May and June still prevented him from distributing and selling the product. So in the true spirit of community, Don Tingo and his family gave away the cabbage to their neighbors who were struggling to provide nutrition for themselves and their families. Although the invested time and money was ultimately lost, Don Tingo stepped up to support his community during a time when they needed it the most. Currently, he is working with CC to build improved stoves and ovens for vulnerable families in Los Robles, hoping stability will return to Nicaragua so he can continue working with our volunteers.

Next week, we will continue with ‘Good Neighbors: Part 2′

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