This week we recognize Katherinne, administrative assistant for Comunidad Connect! Read more to learn about Katherine, her interests and passions, and experiences working with Comunidad Connect.
When did you start working for Communidad Connect?  
I starting working for Communidad Connect on March 15, 2018.    
Describe your role with CC: 
I work in the local development connections program. My specific role is to help organize the database of projects that are carried out and fill out those files when we make a field visit. But I also have the willingness to work on everything that is necessary for Comunidad Connect.   
What is your favorite part of working with CC?  
My favorite part of working for Comunidad Connect is making field visits to Los Robles and San Esteban. Conducting home surveys with the brigadistas allows me to have relationships with the inhabitants of the community. It has been a very nice experience to talk with people, know their needs and their aspirations. For me, the best thing is to feel a part of Comunidad Connect because everything we do here has an impact on people in need.    
What is your favorite cultural event / holiday in Nicaragua?  
The anniversary of my city, Jinotega, because various activities are held for its celebration. Among them, my favorites are artisan and food fairs.  
What is your favorite place to visit in Nicaragua?  
My favorite place to visit in Nicaragua is Ometepe Island.   
What is your favorite typical dish?  
My favorite dish is the nacatamal with tortilla. 
What hobbies / talents do you have that most people do not know about?  
My favorite pastime is to share time with my family. I also like to drive and I love makeup. The talent I have that most people do not know is dance. It became my biggest passion so I decided to study at the Academia Kairos.

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