San Juan del Sur; beautiful port with its beaches and views.

The crisis in the country has not affected {San Juan del Sur} with armed violence or blockades. This small town where everyone knows each other has taken a position of tolerance against ideological differences, especially verbal attacks. Logically, you can feel a great difference in the air. There is a sense of fear and uncertainty about what our nearby cities are going through. There is also a lot of helplessness, but at the same time, calm and hope that the town continues to respect the peaceful struggle. I do not know how long we will continue like this but I hope that all this pain has not been in vain.

I know that this struggle has its consequences for the working population, and each city feels it in different ways. I think that the geographical position and population of San Juan del Sur helps a lot regarding the political crisis that is taking place here, in terms of violence and available resources. Riot police and regular officers are few in number. This has its advantages and disadvantages as everyone has to take care of each other.

Certainly, we do not have capacity to access everything as we did before the conflict started, but at least we have basics products and services. WE CAN NOT COMPLAIN, nor ignore that our brothers in other cities are being killed and persecuted for thinking differently; for dreaming differently.

As in the whole country, unemployment is overwhelming. Tourism is the main economic source in San Juan del Sur and many people have lost their jobs. Some have migrated to Costa Rica and others have even taken up fishing to provide for their families.  Most hotels and restaurants have had to close or reduce staff while others have lowered the prices of all their services to stay open. There are not many people on the streets or beaches. Some tourists come from Costa Rica by plane and are helping to maintain the local economy.

This has been San Juan del Sur until July … A mixture of calm, uncertainty, lonely beaches, rain, sun and a lot of sadness in the smiles.
-A personal perspective from a citizen of Nicaragua, and resident of San Juan del Sur.

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