Emily Ruger, Bianca Lombay and Dr. Ben Thrower smile with Juan Carlos, a patient with partial paralysis enrolled in the project since 2015.

Comunidad Connect was very excited to welcome Doctors Ben and Karen Thrower and their team back to Nicaragua in February. The Throwers first came to Nicaragua in 2014, when they witnessed the drastic health disparities that exist in rural communities. It was after this trip that they decided to start a project to serve neurological and pediatric patients in Los Robles. The project has since expanded to a second community, San Esteban 2, with 23 patients currently enrolled in both communities.

Dr. Karen Thrower evaluates Priscila in San Esteban 2, a patient who has Down’s Syndrome.

Most individuals in rural Nicaragua do not have access to specialized health services, due to a lack of physicians in the area and economic resources that prevent families from seeking private care. Since 2014, Drs. Ben and Karen have returned to Nicaragua twice each year to offer specialty care to patients with identified needs.
In addition to their yearly visits, Comunidad Connect coordinates with the Ministry of Health (MINSA) to monitor patients and ensure medication is delivered each month. Through this collaboration, pediatric patients and patients with special needs enrolled in this project are able to improve and maintain their overall health condition.
This February, the Throwers were excited to see old patients and welcome a few new ones into their project. The families of each patient were extremely grateful for the support and specialized attention provided by the Throwers and Comunidad Connect. A special thank you to Ben and Karen Thrower, as well as to all our donors who support this and other health initiatives in rural Nicaragua. With your support, we help break barriers to isolation and enhance the health and wellbeing of families in rural communities.

Enma Gutiérrez, MINSA nurse (left), explains to Bianca Lombay how the clinic collects patient statistics. Enma works with Comunidad Connect to monitor patients enrolled in the Thrower’s project on a monthly basis.

Dr. Ben Thrower and group visit Doña Gabina (center) in her home for her monthly evaluation.

Dr. Ben and Karen Thrower and their group were happy to return to Nicaragua for their 6th trip working in Los Robles and surrounding communities.


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