For this week’s Member Monday, meet Gloria, Comundad Connect’s newest team member! Read more to learn about Gloria, her love of social work, and time working with Comunidad Connect.
When did you start working for CC?
I started working for Comunidad Connect at the beginning of December this year.
Describe your role.
I work helping to coordinate volunteer groups, making sure everyone is okay, planning logistics for projects, and ensuring that each project is appropriately carried out in the communities.
What is your favorite part about working with CC?
I love to visit new places with the groups of volunteers.
What is your favorite place to visit in Nicaragua?
My favorite place in Nicaragua is Selva Negra (coffee farm and nature reserve). I love the artificial lake that’s in front of the restaurant, and there’s spaces to read and hike. It’s really beautiful.
Where and what did you study in university?
I studied social work at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) in León.
What’s your favorite typical dish?
Nacatamales – I love to eat them on weekends!

What is your spirit animal?
I would say a bird, because they’re free, they can fly and travel wherever they want.
What hobbies or talents do you have that most people don’t know about?
I really enjoy reading, especially books that are also movies. But I always read the book first and then watch the movie.
Thanks Gloria! Check in next week for our next Member (& Memo) Monday! 

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