For this week’s Member Monday, we meet Susi! Read more to learn about Susi, her interest in public health, her experience being vegetarian in Nicaragua, and time working with Comunidad Connect.

When did you start working for CC?

I started working for Comunidad Connect at the end of June this year.

Describe your role.

I’m the Princeton in Latin American Fellow, so I give support to all of our main projects with a focus on our Health Connections Program. I spend about half of my time working with Adam on marketing, social media, our blog, and graphic design to share Comunidad Connect’s story and work. Additionally, I coordinate logistics for our Neurological and Pediatric Patient project and translate and serve as a guide for health-focused volunteer groups.

What is your favorite part about working with CC?

I really enjoy working directly with community members that have received our projects (improved stoves, ovens, concrete floors, etc.) and conducting interviews with them about how these projects have affected their families. I love to share their stories and see the impact of sustainable community development.

What is your favorite place to visit in Nicaragua?

I love living in Jinotega because it’s a beautiful small city surrounded by mountains, but I also really love visiting León. There are lots of cultural things to do there – museums, art galleries, delicious food – and it’s nearby to several volcanoes (I love hiking!).

What is one of your best memories living in Nicaragua?

During my first month in Nicaragua, I lived with a host family in Los Robles. My little host sisters were so fun and loved playing with my guitar and ukulele, so I taught them a few songs in Spanish that I learned from my dad and they put on a mini-concert for me one afternoon. It was so fun to see them excited to play for me, and they learned really fast!

What is your favorite holiday in Nicaragua?

Las Fiestas Patrias (Independence Day) because it’s fun to see all of the students playing music and dancing in parades during the week.

What’s your favorite typical dish?

I’m vegetarian, so I haven’t tried a lot of the typical dishes that contain meat. However, I always enjoy gallo pinto and tostones, and all of the delicious fresh fruit in Nicaragua – especially pitahaya (dragonfruit)!

What is your spirit animal?

A sloth, because they’re gentle creatures, they’re also vegetarian, and like me they love trees 🙂

What hobbies or talents do you have that most people don’t know about?

I play the ukulele and some guitar, but I definitely need to practice more! I also love cooking and finding new vegetarian/vegan recipes, hiking, and learning Portuguese.


Thanks Susi! Check in next week for our next Member (& Memo) Monday! 

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