Matt Knoop (left) recently came down to Nicaragua with his family and helped local families build improved ovens to support their health.

Thank you Matt Knoop for your support of Comunidad Connect! Matt became a Comunidad Connect donor this year. His family’s contributions have greatly helped improve health and community development in Nicaragua. Read below to see how Matt and his family became involved with Comunidad Connect!

“We have long been fans and supporters of Comunidad Connect, but our recent trip to Nicaragua (and Los Robles and San Juan del Sur in particular) reinforced the importance of Comunidad Connect’s work.

In Los Robles, with our family and friends, we assisted in the construction of an oven for a family that provides in-home pre-school services and is active in the community. This service project not only provided our children acute insight into how blessed we are to afford the lifestyle we pursue but also demonstrated just how much impact a donation can have on families thousands of miles away.  For the cost of our family of four to eat at a local restaurant two or three times, we provided a family additional means to provide for themselves and others.

In San Juan del Sur, we spent Friday evening watching organized games of futsala in a social-club-turned-community-sports-complex.  Our children were transfixed by the speed and athleticism of the players (ranging from ages 11-17) as well as the number of spectators.  These games are truly community events. Comunidad Connect organized and paid for conversion of the space and runs the leagues, which in turn provides alternative outlets for community members.

We are proud to support Comunidad Connect and encourage you to see its good works in person.”

Thank you for your great work and support, Matt! Stay tuned for our next Donor of the Month in December!

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