For this week’s Member Monday, meet Alejandro Jose Noguera Castro! Read more to learn about Alejandro, his love of baseball and experience working with Comunidad Connect.

When did you start working for CC?

In 2007, one year after Comunidad Connect began.

Describe your role.

I am the administrator of the sports program. This includes all the different types of teams we organize within the [San Juan del sur] sports park and outside the park. For example for baseball, we need a larger field.

What is your favorite part of working with CC?

Teaching the children, young people, adults, the way of responsibility and discipline through sports. This is what I like the most because without discipline in sports, it’s had to get better and be disciplined in other aspects of life. I like to teach this type of message to young athletes.

What is your favorite place to visit in Nicaragua?

Ometepe island. It’s a beautiful, tranquil place with fresh water.

What is your favorite holiday in Nicaragua?

New years eve. Because you get to spend the end of the year with your friends and family and receive the new year, together.

What’s your favorite typical dish?

Vigoron or Nacatamales

What do you do in your pastime?

I watch a lot of Baseball. I follow the Cuban, Mexican and MLB leagues.

Thanks, Alejandro! Check in next week for our next Member (& Memo) Monday! 

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