Dr. Reeder LanDentistry zas has been spreading smiles across primary schools this past month. Dr. Reeder had great success with his dental hygiene talks, working with 56 students in San Esteban and 680 in Datanli. In his health talks, students learn how to take care of their teeth and prevent illnesses. Dr. Reeder notes that working with kids and adolescents is one of the greatest challenges in dentistry, because the majority of kids are afraid of dentists. However, “this is what makes our work more interesting,” Dr. Reeder states, “especially for me, being able to teach these kids and adolescents aDentistry nd seeing how they put this new knowledge into practice is very gratifying.” During the first weeks of August, he will expand these dental hygiene talks to Los Robles, where he will work with over 630 new students. We are excited to see this program growing and watch these kids ready to tackle dental hygiene in their communities.


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