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January 27th, 2017

Nathan Korn, CEO of IMAIM CAPITAL in Miami, presenting Roman Yavich, co-founder of Comunidad Connect, with IMAIM’s latest contribution supporting the 2016 holiday campaign. 


Last year I moved from New York City to Miami to be closer to Nicaragua. Miami also has the largest population of Nicaraguan immigrants of any city in the US. This city’s warmth, literal and figurative, has been a welcome change from the winters of New York.

I’m starting to build a team of support for Comunidad Connect here, and one of the most enthusiastic and active members on this team has been Nathan Korn of IMAIM CAPITAL, a Miami-based investment firm. Nathan is a friend from college with whom I shared the formative experience of studying abroad in Chile and Argentina 13 years ago. We have been great friends since, and I was particularly excited about him joining the CC board of directors in 2014. He brought knowledge of financial  and organizational management that has helped us become a stronger organization, primed for long-term growth. Nathan has helped us raise nearly $10,000 since joining the board, getting his professional network, his friends, and his family involved in community development in Nicaragua.

As our vision and impact in Nicaragua grows, we are thankful and excited to have the support of Nathan Korn, IMAIM CAPITAL and the Miami community. If you find yourself in Miami, be sure to let us know. Nathan and I will be happy to share a cafecito with you.

By Roman Yavich


¿A dónde vas? Where are you going?

September 28th, 2016

Written by: Theresa Bailey, Princeton in Latin America Fellow, Comunidad Connect 2015-2017

Lea en español.

Theresa, at Lake Nicaragua, in front of the beautiful Concepcion Volcano on Ometepe Island.

Theresa, at Lake Nicaragua, in front of the beautiful Concepcion Volcano on Ometepe Island.

¿A dónde vas, Esteli? ¡Hay nancite, hay naranja, hay limones! ¡Acércate a boutique 5 Estrellas hoy y aprovecha de la gran liquidación! These are just a few of the many phrases and sounds that fill the space around me here in Nicaragua. 

After living in this beautiful country for over a year I’ve learned an important fact: Nicaragua is loud. However, the most relevant skill that accompanies this fact is the ability to be still, slow down and listen to the quiet sounds that flit beneath the overpowering din. When I am still I hear the laughter of my co-workers as we work together on our daily tasks. When I am slow my host sister soothes my stress and builds me up with words I need to hear. When I listen I hear the sincerity and vulnerability that accompanies the ideas we hope will transform our communities.  

Working in the field of community development means accepting an inescapable vulnerability. My co-workers, our academic partners, the community members themselves, we are all architects, constructing new environments and structures that we hope will translate into better quality of life and increased opportunities throughout Nicaragua. And like architects, the results of our innovations will only be tangible years after the first thought dared to slip through our lips, uncertain of its reception.


Thanks for attending Fun Bajo el Sol!

January 26th, 2016

Last Saturday Comunidad Connect celebrated our 9 years of community development work.

Trophies and prizes for the frisbee golf, cornhole and horseshoes tournaments

Trophies and prizes for the frisbee golf, cornhole and horseshoes tournaments

Over 300 of our friends and supporters came out to the Marsella Valley Nature Center for an afternoon of games, food and drinks. Skilled and aspiring players competed in frisbee golf, cornhole and horseshoe tournaments; others enjoyed burgers and beers in the shade. San Juan del Sur’s Tae Kwon Do champion, Juan Pablo Lopez, taught basic techniques to children, who showed off their new skills by kicking open a piñata. As the final games came to a close trophies were given out and raffles prizes were drawn. At sunset, we wrapped up the day by honoring Jon Thompson, a Comunidad Connect co-founder and agent of social change in San Juan.

Grand raffle prize: a night at Rancho Chilamate Eco Guest Ranch

Grand raffle prize: a night at Rancho Chilamate Eco Guest Ranch

We are thrilled to share our accomplishments and continue connecting with our supporters and teammates from near and far. In San Juan del Sur our sports and youth development program works with over 2,000 athletes, facilitating soccer and baseball leagues while providing a safe, healthy space. We sponsor English classes and university-level scholarships for students in El Carrizal, a small town 20 minutes outside of town. Nica Agua – our clean water program – has provided water filters to hundreds of families in the Tola area. However, our work expands far beyond the San Juan del Sur area.

Final basket of the frisbee golf course

Final basket of the frisbee golf course

In the northern department of Jinotega, our health clinic in consults over 200 patients each month. Our medical and community health staff provide preventative care, treatment and education. Across the country we host North American volunteer groups for week-long trips based on community service and cultural exchange. These student, professional, or church-based volunteers lay cement floors, paint houses with insect-repellent paint, and construct eco-stoves for family homes. They visit families, provide educational workshops, and spend time getting to know Nicaraguan families.

Learn more about what we do and how you can get involved within and beyond San Juan del Sur!

We are grateful to our amazing sponsors for making Fun Bajo el Sol possible!

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